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New Batch of Upgraded Digi Air Inflator

In March 2021, Team Waayoo was working on the new version of our Digital Air Inflator (Digi-Air).

There has been several changes in the new version. LCD connectivity is changed to flat ribbon in place of relimate connectors, which makes the product more rugged and durable.
Some power adjustments are also made in new version.
Solenoid connectors are improved.

After necessary testing, It is now ready to be assembled in bulk.
Stay tuned!!

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First PCB shipment received after covid19 lockdown

All courier and transport services were closed due to Covid19 lockdown. Now gradually the lockdown is opening up. Today, 2.5 months later, we received our first PCB shipment. I am happy to share their pics.

Our clients are waiting for their orders. We also wish that whatever pending work can be dealt with at the earliest. However, all our suppliers have not yet resumed their work. It may take some more time.
We are in constant contact with them.

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